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A. N. Steblyanskayaa , Zhen Wangb , G. B. Kleinerc , Z.V. Braginad , A. R. Denisove
Finance: Theory and Practice. 2019;23(4):6-23.
Год издания: 2019

The aim of the article is to study the prospects for sustainable financial growth of the gas industry in Russia and China until 2030. Unlike traditional interpretations, the authors consider financial sustainability as a result of the interaction and mutual influence of energy, environmental, economic and social processes grouped into subsystems. The authors analyzed the statistical indicators of the sustainable financial growth system of the largest oil and gas companies in Russia and China from 1996 to 2016. A model for calculating the financial sustainable growth system in the Python programming language was developed. The Lasso regression analysis method and the SARIMA model were used. The sustainable financial growth system index of oil and gas companies was substantiated. By means of the system methodology, the authors identified problems and systematized the contradictions in the organization of the sustainable financial growth in the gas industry of the two countries. As part of the proposed methodological approach, the original SARIMA model was built. The model explains the internal structure of the financial growth sustainability of the oil and gas industry in Russia and China. The authors calculated the sustainable financial growth system forecast for Russia and China until 2030. The calculations showed that in the future the system of sustainable financial growth in China’s oil and gas industry may be disrupted. The authors offer ways to prevent the development of these negative trends. Namely: the promotion of social responsibility of state corporations, the development of green and social financing, the study of energy efficiency. In Russia, the stability of the financial growth of the oil and gas industry is characterized by stability over the entire forecast period.